Wood Truncated Cube Sculpture (woven)

This is a great Mid Century Modern ‘Atomic Age’ decor piece I made of wood. It has 2 different looks depending on which surface you set it on. It could also be converted into a MCM style hanging lamp.

This is a truncated cube, meaning the 8 cube corners have been ‘clipped off’ leaving 8 triangle surfaces as well as the 6 square surfaces. There are 12 woven rectangle beveled ‘picture frames’ that go all the way around, 4 on each of the 3 axis, 48 pieces of wood all together. I compound miter every glue joint so that its a clean tight seam.

This particular one is 9″ tall which is a good size as a table top art piece. I clear coat the ones in the pics to see the cross shadows easier, but I also wood stain either cherry wood, dark walnut or ebony.


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