Wood Icosahedron Sculpture (woven-1)

This would be very typical of a light fixture in a Googie coffee shop of the 1950s and 60s. It would be easy enough to make with an open bottom or access for a light bulb. Back in the day they may have been plastic. I make these as more of a stand alone geometric art piece. They are clear coated for the photos because you can see cross shadows easier in 2D, but I also stain them to match home or office decor.

Technically, this is an Icosahedron, 20 flat triangular planes, 12 great pentagons and 60 pieces of wood total. Each piece has 2 notches that are compound mitered only halfway thru so they nest together snug like the notches in Lincoln Logs. There are actually very few glue joints in these. This one is 9″ and I also make them 12″ tall.


2 Responses to “Wood Icosahedron Sculpture (woven-1)”

  1. Wow. Those would make really cool light fixtures! Good work!

  2. Thank you so much Wendy! I had looked all over online for repros and thought hey I can make these myself!

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