4 Axis Stellated Tetrahedron in a Cube

Stellated 4 point Tetrahedron in a Cube displayed diagonal on a stand.

The 4 axis of a Stellated Tetrahedron (below) exactly correspond to 4 of the 8 interior vertices of a typical frame Cube. I just combined the 2 figures into one.  This can be displayed up on its corner, or just flat on a cube surface. It makes a very nice table top geometry sculpture.

The cube is 9″ flat, the entire sculpture is aprox 16″ tall in the stand. Each is made to orderand wood stained in cherry (red) walnut (brown) ebony (black) or natural as shown (clear coat polyurethane) that turns an amber honey color as the wood ages. Cube 12 pieces, tetrahedron 18 pieces, 30 pieces in total (plus stand).

For the complete polyhedron model index, please see my website.


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