“Borromean Rings” classroom model

The Borromean Rings are a classic math paradox. Not exactly a puzzle, (nothing actually comes apart), but as a model this is a nice tangable way to show students how the Borromean Rings are a type of ‘Gordian Knot’

Each of the 3 rings are closed circles and no 2 rings are actually linked together, yet as 3 rings they cannot come apart! If any one ring was broken, the other two would simply pull away from each other.

They lay down naturally in this kind of rosetta shape when you put them down, which is kinda cool. I make these 9″ or 12″ on the longest axis and very loose fitting. They are wood stained in cherry, walnut, and just clear coat polyurethane on the third to tell them apart (If you prefer all 3 rings the same as a decor piece, just ask).

For the complete polyhedron model index, please see my website.


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