4 Axis Stellated Tetrahedron in a Cube

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Stellated 4 point Tetrahedron in a Cube displayed diagonal on a stand.

The 4 axis of a Stellated Tetrahedron (below) exactly correspond to 4 of the 8 interior vertices of a typical frame Cube. I just combined the 2 figures into one.  This can be displayed up on its corner, or just flat on a cube surface. It makes a very nice table top geometry sculpture.

The cube is 9″ flat, the entire sculpture is aprox 16″ tall in the stand. Each is made to orderand wood stained in cherry (red) walnut (brown) ebony (black) or natural as shown (clear coat polyurethane) that turns an amber honey color as the wood ages. Cube 12 pieces, tetrahedron 18 pieces, 30 pieces in total (plus stand).

For the complete polyhedron model index, please see my website.


Jules Verne “Steampunk” version

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I made this one into a ‘Steampunk’ version that any Jules Verne fan would love. This was a matter of adding a nice tripod base with some brass fitting made for table lamp shade parts. Many of these geodesic polyhedron work in a 1950s ‘Atomic Age’ decor but this one I went back another 80 years to more of a ‘Victorian’ era type of a piece.

This is a commission piece, made from an icosidodecahedron made of 20 tetrahedrons (6 pieces eaxh x20 = 120 pieces just in the ball). Its about 10″ tall.

Wood Truncated Cube Model

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This is an all wood truncated cube model, clear coated with a semi-gloss polyurethane finish. These can be displayed either on the flat surface or up on the corner for a different look. A couple in different sizes make a nice decor piece.

It has 6 octagons, 8 triangles, 32 vertices and 36 pieces of wood, each angled tword the center point of the piece. As the wood gets older it gets more of a honey color under the polyurethane coat, but I also wood stain depending on what someone prefers. This one is 9″ tall.

Wood Tetrahedron Model “self-dual”

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All wood model of 2 Tetrahedrons woven together (aka Stella Octangula), one stained in cherry-wood the other left to a clear coat of polyurethane. These are great gift ideas for math teachers, engineers, students, plus those interested in “Atomic Age” 1950s interior design or Sacred Geometry. 

Most polyhedron have a dual, meaning they share or relate 1:1 with the number of vertices and / or planes. The tetrahedron (4 triangular surfaces, 4 vertices, 6 pieces each) is the only polyhedron that is its own self dual. This particular one I kept 2-tone for clarity, but I also make them in any one color. I have more versions on the website.

Wood Platonic Solids Models in the Physics Lab

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Some of our wood Platonic Solids models in action. A friend looked all over the web for something like these for the classroom that would be much more durable and permanent than just card stock or construction paper. We found some color plastic ones, but not really what would look good in a university math lab, library or bookshelf.

Most things today are just computer generated line drawings, so there is something really cool about having a tangible geometric model to help show a concept. Like most other things, they are much easier to build in a batch then one at a time and that keeps them a lot more cost-effective.

Wood Icosahedron Sculpture (woven-1)

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This would be very typical of a light fixture in a Googie coffee shop of the 1950s and 60s. It would be easy enough to make with an open bottom or access for a light bulb. Back in the day they may have been plastic. I make these as more of a stand alone geometric art piece. They are clear coated for the photos because you can see cross shadows easier in 2D, but I also stain them to match home or office decor.

Technically, this is an Icosahedron, 20 flat triangular planes, 12 great pentagons and 60 pieces of wood total. Each piece has 2 notches that are compound mitered only halfway thru so they nest together snug like the notches in Lincoln Logs. There are actually very few glue joints in these. This one is 9″ and I also make them 12″ tall.

Wood Cuboctahedron Model

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This is an all wood Cuboctahedron. It can be used as a classroom lecture model or a nice “Atomic Age” decor piece. There is a resurgence of Mid Century Modern “Jetsons” type of art pieces lately so these are pretty cool.

This is made of 6 squares, 8 triangles, 12 vertices and 24 pieces of wood. If you look closely, there are 4 true hexagon equators. Each of the vertices has full 3 axis compound miters. This one is 9″ tall.